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National Resource Recovery excels as an experienced firm in the waste oil collection, removal and disposal market in Melbourne. Our reliability in oil disposal has been driving both consistency and innovation in the waste oil removal, collection and recycling sector.

As a well-established company, we are collecting all types of waste oils in any quantity for oil disposal, such as-
• Oily Waters
• Sump Oils
• Used Engine Oils
• Hydraulic Oils
• Lubricating Oils
• Automotive Waste Oils
• Bunker and Fuel Oils
• Turbine Oils
• Medium and Light Fuel Oils
• Diesel and Gas Oils
• Kerosene
• Electrical Insulation Oils
• Heavy Fuel Oils
• Gearbox Oils

Our customers rely on us for time-bound waste oil collection, recycling and recovering waste oils. If needed, we dispose of the waste oils, along with disposing of the associated wastes like oil filters, rags and other types of chemical wastes.

At the time of collecting the used waste oils, here is the list of services we are offering –
• Removing and collecting waste oil in any quantity from any location in Melbourne
• Emptying and cleaning all size oil tanks and carrying the emptied waste oils for authorized disposal
• Collecting waste oils of any quantities from the agricultural industries, ships, garages, automotive factories,     industrial factories, engineering facilities, ferries, fishing boats, cargo vessels and more facilities
• Multi-site management
• A routinely planned service
• One-off collections

Through our waste oil collection, removal, and recycling services, we are helping to create a closed-loop in oil usage, create fuel oil through used oil re-refining, and process oil and base oil, thereby bringing a new lease of life to the waste oils. To get in touch, give us a phone call. We shall take all the responsibilities to schedule a meeting with you at the earliest.

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