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Toxic and Hazardous Chemical Wastes Collection and Recycling

National Resource Recovery leads as the toxic and hazardous chemical waste management specialist in Melbourne. We take pride in our qualified and experienced chemical waste collection and recycling team who follow the appropriate treatment technologies at our EPA-licensed facilities and find out a solution for chemical wastes recycling. We also hold the capacity for providing biomedical waste management.

Based on the wastes and removal complexity, our team is even providing resource recovery services from the hazardous wastes, thereby creating an authentic closed loop.

Our advanced team owns all the expertise and experience at handling any liquid or solid chemical wastes, which is further backed by specialist equipment and a trucks fleet. As needed, our consultation department is ready to provide you consultation services on toxic and hazardous waste management, toxic waste disposal and regulated chemical wastes.

To find out more about us, get in touch with us. We use our own specialized equipment and in-house expertise for hazardous and toxic chemical waste management.

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