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Waste Oil recycling

Waste oil filters under Victorian Law are banned from landfills. National Resource Recovery is here to make a difference with our waste oil recycling service – we collect the oil filters and recycle them to re-refine them by creating high-quality base oils and fuel oils, thereby closing the loop on oil usage effectively.

Different from the old technology, at National Resource Recovery, we have developed cutting edge technology for waste oil recycling. Following our advanced technology, we extract the residual oil as absorbed in the oil filter paper, ensure recycling it and then we responsibly dispose of the filter, only if needed. Thus, there is no need to crush the oil filter leading to oil loss.

At National Resource Recovery, we are happy to formulate a better solution for your business. Based on the oil quantities and oil filter shapes, we can supply and collect various oil filter bins for collecting the used oil filters. For easy handling and maneuverability, bins can be on wheels. These are cleaner, safer and leak-proof. At our facility, we process the used oil filters through purpose-built machinery. This is how we can bring out cleaner and better usable recyclable products.
Contact National Resource Recovery today to assist you in complying with Victorian laws and recycling your used oil filters.

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