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Legalized Coolant Collection and Recycling Services in Melbourne

In Melbourne, the common practice among the automotive and engine workshop operators is antifreeze glycol waste disposal management options. Not all workshops have coolant recycling system onsite, National Resource Recovery provides the solution for those workshops. We excel as the prime and dedicated coolant collection and recycling service team in Melbourne. Once the wasted coolants are collected, our team members recycle and process them completely.

Having years-long experience backed by expertise, our staff can handle any liquid hazardous coolant waste in any form. Our process is backed by a specialist trucks fleet and associated equipment.

We take pride in our highly trained and experienced team members, who adopt all safety measures for collecting, treating and rightly recycling or disposing of the coolants, antifreeze and cutting fluid wastes at registered liquid waste treatment facilities. The hazardous waste fleet trucks we own, are capable of collecting and transporting coolants to the licensed liquid treatment and recovery facility.

Are you thinking about how should you handle the coolants and other wastes at your automotive and engine workshops? National Resource Recovery is here to help you. Get in touch with us to take our coolant collection and recovery services.

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