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Dedicated used Rags Removal and Recycling Services

Improperly disposed used rags have the high potential to spontaneously combust starting fires. These products include teak and linseed oils, oil-based paints and stains, polyurethane and varnishes, paint thinners and similar ones.

A rag or a cloth, through oxidation being slowly heated to its ignition point, causes spontaneous combustion. As it oxidizes, the substance will start releasing heat. If this heat cannot escape and is trapped, then the temperature raises to a high level that is enough to ignite oil and in turn ignite the cloth or rag. From this, the fire can rapidly spread to other types of combustibles, thus causing huge damages to homes or property.

Before the risk activates, National Resource Recovery takes up the needed steps through Used Rag Removal Waste Management.

Our experienced team collect the used rags, store and seal them using a tight metal lead for preventing oxidation that can further lead to combustion.

Next, we take all steps to safely transport, decontaminate and recycle the contaminated rags and absorbents treating them appropriately.


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