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Plastic and Metal Drum Recycling

Efficient Plastic and Metal Drum Collection and Recycling Service

National Resource Recovery is a renowned plastic and drum recycler, involved in collecting and recycling drums from various businesses in Melbourne. The next step is preparing them for plastic waste disposal through environment friendly techniques. The plastic drums are turned into new recycled, usable products, while the metal drums are cleaned and fully recycled, closing the loop.
Thus, we save the plastic and metal drums from ending up in landfills after they have served their servitude by being the storage containers of industrial chemicals and liquids, which enabled easy transportation.
Our team works by collecting the recyclable plastic and metal drums from various locations in and around Melbourne, thereby contributing to a better sustainable environment.
Picking up, and receiving the empty, used plastic and metal drums on call as required; we ensure to keep them out from the landfills and at a far distance from the public, that is why we create practical plastic waste disposal plans.


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