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Waste Oil Collection For Recycling

17 Jan 2022
Can Motor Oil Be Converted To A Renewable Resource?

Under the influence of energy companies and environmentalists, car manufacturers and car owners are focusing on renewable resources at present. The good and supportive reason is accepting green energy is the best step in eliminating strains on Earth as caused by fossil fuels. Therefore, the ideal alternative to driving hybrid and electric vehicles is using recycled motor oil for saving the planet. So, recycling motor oil can be converted to a renewable resource.

Motor oil is never known to turn bad – it is frequently changed since the oil becomes contaminated with water, fuel, dirt and related engine–harming debris. Through waste oil collection for recycling processes, the old motor oil can be re-refined, and effectively restored to usable condition.

Waste motor oil collection and recycling have helped in reusing the re-refined motor oil, which has prevented over drilling for oil. As a result, 200 million gallons of oil illegally dumped can be well prevented.

How Does the Waste Motor Oil Recycling and Recovery Process Work?

Collecting the used motor oil and converting it into usable oil for the engines is solely a professional task, and the process involves removing the contaminants from the oil for producing the new "base oil". After that, the professionals blend the base oil with anti-foaming chemicals, dispersants and other such additives so the oil is restored to its original condition.

How Much Used Motor Oil Can be Recycled for Producing Re-Refined Motor Oil?

Never can one gallon of used oil be used for making one gallon of motor oil that can be sent into the vehicle. One gallon of recycled oil completes will be making up 2½ quarts of re-refined oil for being used in the car engine.

But the good news is the remaining base oil is good for making other lubricants, which include automatic transmission fluid and hydraulic fluid.

The Chief Benefits of Reusing and Recycling Used Motor Oil

Used motor oil recycling and reusing is the preferred solution to disposing of since recycling is linked to environmental benefits. The recycled used motor oil is re-refined to new oil, processed into fuel oils and further used as raw materials to meet the demand of the petroleum industry.

The used oils like engine lubrication oil, gear oils and hydraulic oils used in bikes, cars and lawnmowers will be polluting the environment if they are improperly recycled or disposed off. Proper used oil management as conducted by the professionals will be preventing environmental contamination. Similar waste concerns are posed by the used oil filters – draining them properly ensures safe recycling and disposal.

The chief reasons for reusing and recycling used motor oil

  • Recycling used motor oil saves it from polluting water and soil.

  • Never does motor oil wear out – it simply gets dried. Hence, recycling is the option to save this valuable resource.

  • The energy needed for producing a gallon of re-refined base oil stock is less than the base oil stock from crude oil.

  • One gallon of used motor oil brings up the same 2.5 quarts of lubricating oil as that of 2 gallons of crude oil.


On a concluding note, keep in mind not to change the oil yourself and toss the old motor oil in the trash or else dump the used motor oil down the sink as it will be contaminating the groundwater and kill the local flora and fauna. Rather, the best decision is to contact the professionals for taking the used motor oil to their recycling centre through hauling. It is a much easier process, other than disposing of the oil by yourself. At the end of the day, the environment is not being harmed.

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